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3D_filmesana_UK.jpg        We offer professional filming for all occasions no matter how short or long. Your video will be professionally assembled and editted. We will make a video for you in 3D and full HD anywhere in the United Kingdom. Price includes filming from different angles, dolby digital sound, editting, and producing a product that is of the highest quality. It will be recorded in any format for any media device of the client’s choice.

We also can re-edit any wedding, family video, or any event you have previously recorded and are unhappy with!

    For more than 10 years we have professionally filmed and photographed public events, weddings, birthdays parties, concerts, business events, school plays, engagement parties, live band-recording, studio filming, funerals, christenings, etc.

     We are constantly following latest technology trends and developments. We are now using the latest SONY 3D camcorders and Merlin steadycam. We use an arm and vest which produces epic scenes with that "floating- in-the- air " look. Technology and quality never stays passive and is constantly moving forward. We can now offer filming with 3D Full HD video to everyone. Yes, that’s right, with real 3D camera! We believe the best way to capture any moment or event is with 3D. Your special day is a momentous occasion and one that you will want to remember and treasure for a lifetime. With a DVD you can watch any aspect of your special day over and over again.

    Good 3D video should just enhance the telling of the story, not become the story itself.

    So you haven’t got 3D TV to watch a recorded file? We are offering recorded material in all formats. Your video will be full 3D with any 3D capable cinema or tv using polarized    glasses. It will also work with regular 3D video that you would use conventional blue and red glasses to get the 3D effect on any monitor or tv. In addition, we are giving you an ordinary conventional video format in full HD on DVD if you choose to watch the video without 3D effects.

   Soon 3D TV will be the norm and will replace our conventional TV and monitor systems. Wouldn’t it be great, if you would have these 3D recordings available this very moment for now and for future? Time isn’t waiting and currently a recorded event with 3D technology is a worthy future investment for you, your children, and grandchildren. This ensures whoever watches your video will be able to go back in time and experience the full spectrum of visual effects. This allows the viewer to truly experience the feeling of your event forever!

Latest Videos:

Europarc Deutschland
EuroPride 2015 in Riga077_EN_2D.jpg


Wedding          Download video for 3D-television, DOWNLOAD

Rally                 Download video for 3D-television, DOWNLOAD


Family video recording, My mummy.


Family, video recording 3D Anaglyph


Rally, Full HD video


Rally, Full HD video 3D Anaglyph


Wedding, Full HD video


Wedding, Full HD video 3D Anaglyph